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Shannonlee Snow Grouse was Best of Breed and got her 3 CERT.

Shannonlee Snow Grouse
Shannonlee Snow Grouse was Best of Breed and got her 3 CERT.
Even today, 29 May 2011 did the red and white very well. Shannonlee Snow Grouse (Chezzy) and her offspring Snørypas Aaron Snørypas Tara, Snørypas Rione got all exc.Ak. Chezzy also got CK, CAC and was Best of Breed.
Referee: Oscar Willem Nilsen

Snørypas Tara was 2nd Best in Show at Vestlandske gundog Festival May 28, 2011
The red / white did very well this weekend. Both Snørypas Tara; Snørypas Aaron and Snørypas Rione got Exc.AK. So did their mother Shannonlee Snow Grouse. It was Tara who received CQ and was Best of Breed and also 2B.IS
Judge: Marina Bengtsson

Shannonlee Snow Grouse got CC No. 2
The Kennel Club's show at Bones 9 April 2011 was Shannonlee Snow Grouse (Chezzy) his other kennel club cert. She got Exc.BK, 1BKK, CK and CAC.
Snørypas Tara got Exc.AK, 2AKK, CK, 2BF, and res.cacib
Judge: Torbjørn Granheim

Snørypas Tara's show dog 2010
Snørypas Tara has been named this year's show dog 2010 by NISK avd.5. The contest involved both Irish Setter and Irish Red and White sets associated NISK avd.5. Throughout the year 2010 had Tara made it very well. In five starts she achieved to get 2x BIS, 3 x BOB, 5 x CC, 1 x CACIB and Nordic Winner title. With the strong results, she won the award and was "This year's show dog 2010.

Snørypas Tara Nordic Winner 2010
27.11.2010 It was the Nordic winner show in Lillestrøm. There is an exhibition held in place among the Nordic countries. 2010 was the then Norway and the Norwegian Kennel Club was the organizer. Tara was in full score and the Nordic Winner. She got 1AK, 1AKK, 1BF, CK, CABIB and BOB.
Judge: Wera Hubenthal