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Puppies born on the 8th of October

 Snørypas Saint Florentina and  Killary`s Color Me Grand for RedWhiteSilk has been mated and we expect puppies in June 2019.
Lady Flanagan has been mated
Lady Flanagan has been mated to Alvertoppens Emil. Puppies can be expected medio April 2018.
Puppies 2 weeks old
Happy puppies are growing
Puppies 2 weeks old- Happy puppies eat well and sleeps alot. They have now opened their eyes and has began to walk around on unsteady feets. Flanny is a very caring mother. She also now enjoy her daily trip in the wood together with the other dogs.
Puppies born on the 08th October 2015
Flanny got 6 puppies
On the 08th of October Flanny got 6 beautiful, strong and healthy puppies. 3 girls and 3 boys. She takes very good care og her litlle ones.
Snørypas lady Flanagan and Snørypas Caley is Europe Winner 2015
EuroDogshow 2015, Oslo
Snørypas Lady Flanagan (Flanny) and Snørypas Caley is now euroWinner 2015. Flanny was Best in Breed and Caley Best opposite Sex. 
Puppies expected October 2015
Snørypas Lady Flanagan has been in France and mated a hansome and very nice dog United Spots Red Kite
Puppies are expected medio October 2015. Both dogs are excellent representative for the breed and have done more thanexcellent in the show-ring. Both dogs are being worked.I Red kite is International Beauty Champion (C.I.E), Champion in France, Germany and Luxembourg. He has 2 Worlds-Winner titles and also Europe Winner title. He has field trial price from Germany. Lady Flanagan is Norwegian Junior Winner, Norwegian Winner, awarded dog of the year in 2013, awarded showdog of the year 2013 and 2014. Both dogs have A-hips, free of Clad, free of vWD. We have big expectations for this litter. We expectbeautiful and elegant IRHS with good temperament. Its been a pleasure to work and train our IRWS and we have the same exppectations for this litter. Interesting?
Dogshow at Randsverk
Lady Flanagan Best in Breed and 4 Best in Show
Fantastic results
2 days dog show-
Fuglehund festival day 2
Lady Flanagan Best in Breed and 2 Best in Show
Lady Flanagan Best in Breed and 2 Best in Show on day 2 of the Fuglehundfestival.
Best in show Breederclass
Snørypa Best breeder class
Lady Flanagan Best in Breed and Best in Show
Dogshow at Lillehammer
Lady Flanagan Best in Breed and Best in Show at Lillehammer.
Lady Flanagan Best in Breed
Dogshow at Fetsund
Lady Flanagan was Best in Breed at Fetsund today.
The showdog of the year 2014 is Lady Flanagan
Lady Flanagan continue to win on all shows. She was named the best showdog 2014 in NISK avd.5 Hordaland.
Lady Flanagan the dog of the year 2013 and the showdog of the year 2013
Lady Flanagan has done extremely well on all shows during the year and was named the showdog and the dog of the year in NISK avd.5 Hordaland.
Aron was named the Irish Red and White Setter of the year 2013.
Aron was named the best Irish Red and White Setter of the year 2013. This is trophy that goes to Irish Red and White Setter with best hunting results from field trials during the year.
Showdog of the year 2012
Norwegian Winner and Norwegian Junior Winner
Lady Flanagan likes the showring...
On the last international show in 2012 "Dogs4all" 24.11.12 Our fantastic girls did excellent. Our juniorbitch Snørypas Lady Flanagan got in the age 14 months both Norwegian Junior title and Norwegian Winner title. Her grandmother Shannonlee Snow Grouse Got Norwegian Veteran Title. Good girls!
Happy birthday
Litter 2011 is one year old
To day 24th of September its a year since Tara gave birth to 10 beautiful puppies, 5 girls and 5 boys.We congratulate Caley, Cara, Duff of Wiclow, Enya, Fiona, Irwin, Lady Flanagan, Maggie, Red Hugh Aarran and Ronan with their 1 year birthday!! It seeems to be a promising litter.
Excellent results in NKK`s international dog-show in Stavanger 16th September
Snørypa dogs got all
 8 Irish red and white Setters entered the show which must be very good since its such a small breed. To compere, the red cousin, Irish Setter, only had 1 entry. 5 dogs from Snørypa was there and they all did excellent! The title "Best of Breed" was won by junior bitch Snørypas Lady Flanagan and " Best Opposite Sex" was won by junior male Snørypas Caley, owner Birthe Nielsen.
Fantastic results in Drammen
Dogshow in Drammen
In beautiful weather it was a pleasure to spend the the day in Drammen. And even more fun it was when the dogs from Snørypa did so well. Judge Harald Aune liked Snørypas Tara very much and gave her Excellent, CK and "Best of Breed" (BOB).Snow Grouse entered in veteran clas and did very well also. She got Excellent, CK, CERT and was"Best of Breed Veteran" (BOB Vet). Puppy-show: 3 puppies from Snørypa entered the show ,Snørypas Duff Of Wicklow, Snørypas Cara and Snørypas Lady Flanagan. All 3 got very good and promising judgment. But it was Lady Flanagan he liked the most, she had very beauful movements. She ended up with 2nd Best in Show!
Dog-show 5th of May 2012
Puppies with excellent results
The 5th of May The Irish Setter Club in Hordaland had a clubshow. The judge was Bjørn Stang. It was an awful weather with freezing rain and strong wind and not simple condition for the dogs. It was the very first entry in the show-ring for the puppies and we were excited. It went excellent!
Apport competition
Snørypas Lady Flanagan wins apport competition
The 5th of May the Irish Setter Club had its yearly summerassembly with lots of different activities and always the dogs in focus. It was possible for everyone to try to get "apport-certificate". Grouse was hidden at leat 30 meter in the forest without the dog watching. The dog then have to retrive (apport) the grouse on command and come straight into owner and give it to her/him. Lady Flanagan who is only 7 months old and loves to retrive  managed this well and got her "apport-certificate". She also entered the apport/retrieve competition in the clas for young dogs (under 2 year) and won it!
Shannonlee Snow Grouse still achieving excellent results
NKC international dogshow in Bergen15th of April 2012
Shannonlee Snow Grouse continue to win even though she is 8 years old. In Bergen this weekend she got Excellent, CK and CERT. She was "Best of Breed Veteran" (BOB VET) and also "Best of Breed" (BOB). The judge was Eeva Rautala from Finland. An amazing achievement for a bitch 8 year old!
Shannonlee Snow Grouse (Chezzy) showdog of the year 2011 in N.I.S.K Hordaland
Every year The Norwegian Irish Setter Club in Hordaland has a rankinlist over the dogs that have done well in dog-shows and fieldtrials. In 2011 Shannonlee Snow Grouse (Chezzy) won the title show-dog of the year 2011. She is almost 8 year and we are very proud of her.
10 puppies are born
The 24th of September 10 beautiful puppies arrived, 5 male and 5 bitches. They are all doing very well and have a huge appetite. Tara seems to have emough milk too and is taking very good care of her little babies. Our bitch Snørypas Tara has been mated to an exciting dog from Finland; RedWhiteSilk Discovery. We have strong focus on keeping this small and vulnerable breed healthy and then it is important to keep the genetic variation as large as possible and thats why we choosed to travel to Finland to find the right sire for our bitch Tara. This mating will bring new blood into Norway. Both Tara`s parents has achieved field trial prizes and also her brother Snørypas Rusty. Discovery has also been used for hunting. Both dogs have done excellent in the show ring and have CK CACIB and titles. Tara has A-hips and Discovery A / B-hips, both are heriditary  free of  Clad. Mating is approved by the breeding council in the Norwegian Irish Setter Club (N.I.S.K). You find this interesting?
Årets Irsk rød og hvit setter 2010
Shannonlee Snow Grouse was voted the Irish red and white sets in 2010.
Shannonlee Snow Grouse was voted the Irish red and white sets in 2010. This is a traveling trophy awarded to the red / white has achieved the best hunting prizes throughout the year.
Shannonlee Snow Grouse was Best of Breed and got her 3 CERT.
Shannonlee Snow Grouse
Shannonlee Snow Grouse was Best of Breed and got her 3 CERT. Even today, 29 May 2011 did the red and white very well. Shannonlee Snow Grouse (Chezzy) and her offspring Snørypas Aaron Snørypas Tara, Snørypas Rione got all exc.Ak. Chezzy also got CK, CAC and was Best of Breed.