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welcome to Kennel Snørypa

Welcome to our homepage!
Kennel Snørypa is breeding Irish Red and White Setters in just a small-scale. It’s owned and driven by Nina Hordnes and Narve Johansen. We live 20 minutes outside the center of Bergen at Søreide.

What does Snørypa means?
Snørypa is the Norwegian word for Snow Grouse. Named after our first IRWS Shannonlee Snow Grouse. Everybody who has seen the grouse in its bright white beautiful winter coat and also when it`s changing feather from white to red and from red to white can associate this to our red and white setters.

Our aim in breeding
Our main purpose is to breed healthy, functional, beautiful and elegant IRWS with good temperament. Our setters shall function well as family-dogs and also work as an excellent hunting-companion. We want that IRWS again shall be recognized for its excellent hunting abilities.
To keep the breed healthy it is important to keep the genetic variation wide and this is also in our mind and something we have focus on when breeding.